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Representatives of Minsk region received the President's Commendation

Friday, 04 December 2020

On December 1, Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on awarding honorary titles and an order on announcing the President's Gratitude to representatives of various fields of activity, including specialists from Minsk region.

By Decree No. 452 of December 1, 2020, the President ordered for fruitful work, high professionalism, exemplary performance of official duties, significant personal contribution to ensuring the rule of law, strengthening law and order, preventing and responding to emergencies, providing highly qualified medical care and introducing new medical technologies, merits in the development of the processing industry, agriculture, the road industry, education, science, culture and art to confer the honorary title of Honored Worker of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Konstantinovich Khmaruk, Prosecutor of the Minsk Region, State Counselor of Justice of the 3rd class.

The President's gratitude for fruitful work, high professionalism, active participation in social and political life was announced:


Yulia Askerko, the head of the main department of organizational and personnel work of Minsk Regional Executive Committee;

Alexander Ilyasevich, head of the main department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of Minsk Regional Executive Committee;

Andrey Zhaylovich, chairman of the Soligorsk regional executive committee;

Anastasia Kopikova, Deputy Chairman of Borisov District Executive Committee;

Larisa Korshun, Director - Chief Editor of Minsk Regional Unitary Enterprise “Editorial Office of the newspaper “Minskaya Pravda””;

Alesya Lukovskaya, Deputy Chairman of Molodechno Regional Executive Committee;

Angela Raemskoy, Deputy Chairman of Logoisk District Executive Committee;

Natalya Chernushevich, Deputy Chairman of Slutsk Regional Executive Committee;

Natalya Chernyshova, Deputy Chairman of the Pukhovichi District Executive Committee.

Vladimir Shmakov, director of the Borisov State Polytechnic College (branch of BNTU) - Gratitude was announced for fruitful pedagogical activity, high professionalism, significant personal contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists.

Dmitry Semibratov, senior inspector of the road patrol service of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Slutsk District Executive Committee, was awarded the President's Commendation for decisive and skillful actions to save human life.