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Promotion of the Belarusian language and bullying. What else worries the youth of Molodechno

Monday, 08 February 2021

The younger generation does not want to be an outside observer of the development of our country. Young people want to act, strive to be an active participant in public life, to benefit others.

At the end of January, the second session of Molodechno Youth Parliament took place. The members of the commissions presented ideas and projects on legal education, crime prevention, creative self-realization, leisure activities, volunteer activities and others.

The problem of sorting and processing waste was raised by representatives of the Commission on Ecology. They did a little research and identified where the city still lacks sorting containers. The guys also consider the actions to clean up the territory of the Komsomolsky Park important.

What can be done to make young people better know their native language? During the discussion of this issue, the young parliamentarians proposed to reproduce the verses of Belarusian poets, information about historical facts and the meaning of some national words in transport.

Also, the commission on civil-patriotic, spiritual, moral and legal education proposed a project aimed at psychological support for adolescents - to create a mobile application with thematic articles and advice. And, most importantly, everyone will be able to anonymously ask a question that worries him and get a professional answer from a psychologist.

The discussion of the Stop Bullying! Project sparked a real discussion. This problem is urgent, but requires special attention and tact.

“Unfortunately, many teenagers do not know what they will become in the future, and, often, they decide this only a month before the final exams,” said Emilia Pachishcheva. - To help children in their professional self-determination, you can create a website with detailed information about different professions, organize briefings with professionals, and make motivational videos.

The session was attended by the chairman of the Molodechno District Council of Veterans Tatiana Shafalovich. She presented gratitude to the members of the Youth Parliament for maintaining the continuity of generations. Recently, volunteers organized an action "Stretch out a hand for a paw", during which they collected food for retirees' pets. At the meeting, several joint projects were discussed, one of which will be computer literacy training for the elderly.

- We are teenagers, we have no financial support. But we have hands and a desire to make life brighter and brighter, to bring goodness and joy, - these words of volunteer Valeria Gonchar reflect the main idea of all projects and actions considered at the second session of the Molodechno Youth Parliament.


Since 2012, the Youth Parliament has been operating in Molodechno, which unites adolescents who are not indifferent to the problems of their peers and adults. The priority areas of the association's work are volunteer, social and environmental activities. The Youth Parliament is a place for active and motivated children who are already ready to make their hometown even better.

For almost a quarter of a century, the School of Journalism has been operating in the Molodechno Center for the Creativity of Children and Youth "Maladik". And 37 graduates of the school have already received a "ticket" to the profession. In the classroom, the children learn the secrets of journalistic cuisine, accumulate a portfolio with publications and videos, and participate in competitions. In 2020, the school's piggy bank was replenished with six diplomas for winning the Republican festival-competition of children's journalism "START" and a diploma of the third degree in the II Republican youth festival-competition "MEDIASPHERE-2020".

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