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Coronavirus pandemic in Belarus over, not the time to relax just yet

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

The coronavirus pandemic in Belarus is almost over, however, neither residents of the country nor healthcare workers should relax just yet, BelTA learned from Belarusian Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich.

Dmitry Pinevich said: “Today we are talking about lessons of the pandemic. We are accustomed to the situation changing fast while we come up with prompt responses to it. The pandemic taught us a slightly different format of information sharing and work. The pandemic is almost over, but we cannot relax. Because we've entered the age of viruses.”

According to the healthcare minister, Belarus is experiencing a tridemic (a triple threat). Dmitry Pinevich said the coronavirus maintains very low activity but there is the problem of the flu virus and respiratory viruses. As a result, it is mainly kids and the elderly that are getting sick these days. The incidence rate has dropped partially because children had been on school vacations.

Dmitry Pinevich expects the current epidemic situation in Belarus to stay like this till February. “The recommendations stay the same: wear face masks in medical institutions, air rooms, and lead an active lifestyle,” he said.

Vaccination has played a serious role in stabilizing the epidemic situation. Vaccination covers all the categories of the Belarus population. “Active vaccination against the coronavirus and the flu is in progress. Since 2009 we've been vaccinating 40% of the population against flu and nearly all the kids. We have vaccines and responses to any current viruses. There is no need to wait for medications and distribute them. We are ready to answer any challenges,” Dmitry Pinevich assured.

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