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High-tech products account for over third of Belarus' export

Thursday, 19 January 2023

Knowledge-intensive and high-tech products account for more than a third of the Belarusian export, Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus Sergei Shlychkov told BelTA.

“The share of knowledge-intensive and high-tech products stood at 37.5% of the total Belarusian export in January-September 2022, with the plan set at 34%. According to preliminary estimates, the index of innovatively active manufacturing organizations will make up 30.4% of the total in 2022,” said Sergei Shlychkov.

Belarus is implementing the state innovation development program 2021-2025, including 66 projects for 2022. Seven of them have already been completed. Facilities as part of five of them have been commissioned. More than 700 new jobs have been created. The chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology mentioned the most notable projects. “Legmash Plant has organized the production of innovative equipment and its components for the oil and gas industry. High-tech export-oriented production of optical components and laser systems with diode pumping of a new generation has been set up at the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Projects have been completed at Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant, Belkredo, Spetslit and Ruchaika,” he said.

There are also big plans for 2023. They include the commissioning as part of 19 projects and reaching the design capacity as part of 17 projects. “The BNTU Polytechnic Technopark plans to set up an innovation and production center to manufacture medical products. The Unitehprom BSU is organizing the production of original bioresorbable polyfunctional medicines. Uzda Central District Hospital is setting up a medical and social rehabilitation center for the elderly and disabled, using innovative robotic technology and control system. Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1 is working a new tasty novelty - cheese with white mold,” Sergei Shlychkov said.

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